Media Relations Writer/Editor

St. Louis, Missouri, United States


We’re looking for a full-time writer and editor to join our small but growing media relations department within Influence & Co. to work with our public relations, publications, and client services departments on content for our clients who need PR and guest-contributed content services.

The main responsibility of this newly created role will be to work on client projects that require a fast turnaround. This individual will not manage any of his or her own client accounts, but will instead act as a shared writing and editing resource for teams when they need articles drafted quickly to respond to an event in the news or to meet short deadlines set by publication editors requesting guest-contributed content from our clients.

This is a very fast-paced role. To be successful in this role, an individual must be able to write and edit content quickly, juggle many projects at once, and get up to speed on new industries quickly.

In addition to fast-turnaround content opportunities, this role will be responsible for supporting editorial capacity by writing and editing content for our public relations department.

Responsibilities may change over time, but we anticipate this role will involve:


The ideal candidate:

Applicants will be required to provide writing samples and complete a test edit.


What We Offer:

Application materials can be addressed to our Recruitment Coordinator, Erin Holm.

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